Sunday, February 21, 2010


                    One may see every time negotiations over the topics of women's rights, womem's honour, and women's reserration from different platforms. men and women are the two wheels of human governance and they requirc balance. one side a women is tortured in a man-ruled society, otherside a man is harassed in a woman-ruled society.A self dependent and educated woman is now-a- days becomins the source of disharmony & affray in the name of not crrying a good dowry to her husband's house.
       since the time of  rajpoot-period a woman has been thought as a source of sexual entertainment . In ancient India , a woman had a respected place in society and now she herself is unable to maintain this digrity . T be very honest being a woman means --A personality having humbleness , earrestness, modesty, a desire for service & compassion with motherly love . Now , in this western lusthul materialistic society , among the claims of womanhood and empowerment of womanish existence, the behaviour of a woman is becoming the source of family disharmony and affray . the language of 'I' and 'YOU' , our pride , self dependence , desire for lust and money and other subjects have created a tussle between men and women . In metropoliotan culture ,an active and self dependent woman is giving birth to 'Men prositutes' . worth praising is the woman empowerment and womanhood programme of recent time .
          We have become faithless towards the purpose of these festivals and functions . For example........'Hindi -Diwas' . this poor language 'Hindi' is losing its dignity in day- today's life . the languge 'Hindi' weeps everyday in the hands of Indian Maicalays . It becomes troublesome and is always neglected . one may see constant increase in the number of english learness . But........!! In the same way is 'Women -day ' . Western  materialistic & lustful women's empowerment progeamme can not do any farour upon indian families and indian societies .both have equal importance in the matter of human exislence .Men and women are nature made friends &counterports to one another . we will have to accept Vedic Age rules of women's rights and women's equality . our Vedic Age scholars declared that the purpose of marriage and family was only Dharm . why was the term Abortion rite introduced by adding the word 'rite' with the word 'abortion' . out of four pillars of 'Purssarth' , the two 'Dharm' and 'Moksh' have been overlooked by the human beings . only 'Arth' and 'Kam' are their aims . this only is the reason of their grief . their desire for 'Arth' and 'Kam' is the the reason of their problems . within the duration of two thousant years, our out look to wards women as well as their own out look has changed .Now, in modern time how much of the longing to attain aptness like Panna Dhai, Jeejabai, Apala, Gargi,Bhagini Nivedita ,Savitri, Kastoorba Gandhi  is there in our women !!how can the western woman cmpowerment programme give birth to a.................!!!!!!!......JAI HO...OM..........AAMEEN.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


   Hope that your presence as American president will sovle all the problems such asterrorirm & violence, prevailing in India, Tibbet,America& in whole world. we all human beings & men of letters should gather together to take immediate actions in support of good health, humanright, women right and happy life on earth by rising beyond castism, racialism,sex and regionalism. in this contect,we happen to remember the statement of an young Buddhist saint named Aagyen Trinley Dorjey 'Karmapa Lama',-that by joining a great nation like America,he would succeed in bringing peace in the world. we should always be ready with heart & soulfor good life, health & world-peace. for which, we should forget our differences and nrrow-mindedness&regionalism.India&whole world has great expectations from you. the terrorists believing jn seperation neither remained silent,nor will evee be. so, we are expected to have control upon them in all ways.
    The remaining part in the next letter.
     JAI HO....OM....AAMEEN  .

Friday, February 12, 2010

what is antar kam

since the childhood, our ANTAR CHETANA has been warning to us but it is because of our senses with mouth open towards wordly attractions, we fail to know our ANTAR CHETANA and fail to have grip upon it. we disorder our ACHETAN MUN and on account of this, we happen to create problems for us aswell as for family and society . ARVIND GHOSE has said, "OUR SOUL IS OUR FREEDOM." aaj mahashivratri par main khana chahunga -hum shiv ji se yeh seekh len -hume apani CHETANA aur VIVEK ke bus me rahana chahiye na ki mun par KAM ko baithha len. GAUTAM BUDDH ne kaha hai ki-DUKH KA KARAN TRASHANA{KAM}hai.hame duniya me rah kar bhi duniya ko man nahi lagana madhumakhi ki tarah rahana chahiye jo shahad ka bhog to karati hai lekin shahad ke baratan me chipak jeevan ka nash nahi karati hai.....JAI. HO....OM...AAMEEN!
12february1809 ko linkan ne janm liya. vo kya the!aur jeevan me kitana sangharsh kiya 1esase hum anjan nahi hai . unhone das pratha ko samapt kiya. swet ho kar bhi asweton ke liye ummid jagayi aur america ke rastpati bane. main kahata hoon hume MAHAPURUSHON SE NIRANTAR SHIKSHA LENI CHAHIYE.
 nayi pidee ki banati dasha -disha chintaniy hai. adhik anko ki prapti ki hodh, bhautik bhogvadi andh daud ,kitabon se hatati ruchi, aadi se samaj me hi nahi prakrati me bhi anek vikar aa gaye hai. sabhi samasyaon ki jad hamara mun hi hai .man ko prashikshit karane ke art [kalaa] se hum anjan hai. VAIDIK KAAL me hum parivar aur samaj se sirf sneh, madhur sambandh banana hi sikhate [aasram] me sarbhaumik gyan hi prapt karate thr aur parivar tatha samaj ke sankirn koopmandook gyan se anjan rahate the .LINKAN ko smaran karate huye main aaj kahata hoon -hame har halat me VIVEK aur DHARM tatha PARISRAM karna nahi chhodana chahiy...JAI HO..OM..AAMEEN.